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Directly affiliated hall: 325 South Huancheng Road (in the sports kindergarten) (Tel: 13785224437)

The first branch: the bottom merchant at the west side of Shuixie Flower City (tel: 13930866321)

The second branch: The third floor of Xiulan City Garden Community Club (Tel: 13613228680)

The sixth branch: The experimental primary school of Mancheng County is opposite the second floor of Glass World (Tel: 15832442687)

Eighth branch: opposite the Bank of China Garden, Qingyuan County (second floor of Wentong Sports School) (Tel: 13731666837)

Nine Branches: West of Magnolia Plaza, Dongfeng West Road (Tel: 13903128036)

Eleventh branch: 2nd floor, Jinyuan Hotel, Northwest corner, 100 meters eastbound of Jinlangyu, Xushui County (Tel: 13613228680)

Twelfth branch: In the courtyard of Yaodu Park, Anguo City (Tel: 13785266633)

Thirteenth branch: Qingyuan Sunshine Homeland Community (Tel: 15128996034)

The fifteenth branch: The second floor next to Donghaoweiwei in Shunping County Bus Station (Tel: 13070538331)

The second floor of wisdom tree on the south side of the gate of Shunping Experimental Primary School

Seventeenth branch: 50 meters south of Fujiang Road Railway (Tel: 13070538331)

Nineteenth branch: Tangming Guangming Pavilion Address: 1st floor of Guangming office building opposite the county government

电话 13383226686) Tangxian East Ring Museum Address: 200 meters east of Xinghua Building, Donghuan Road ( tel. 13338226686)

Huiyang Branch: In Huiyang Kindergarten (Tel: 13722428661)

Sandai, Anxin County: Opposite the Rural Credit Cooperative of Shanxi Village, Sandai Town, Anxin County (Tel: 13393025990)

Suicheng Branch: In the courtyard of Suicheng Post Office, Suicheng, Xushui County (13091208252)

Luohe Branch: South side of Liucun Hospital, National Highway 107 (18603227984)

For details, please call: 13903128036

Address: Dongfeng West Road, Baoding

West of Magnolia Square

Phone: 13903128036