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It is not academic achievement that determines a child's life. . Do you know ?

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As a modern parent, do you know how to educate modern children? Many parents believe that family education is to develop their children's intelligence, that is, to let their children recite Tang poetry from the age of two or three, learn English at the age of four or five, and ask a tutor after school In the tutoring class, the results must be among the best, and in the future, they must attend a prestigious university. It seems that only in this way can the parent's education be considered successful and the child considered successful. Practice has proved that this is a great misunderstanding of family education and the adverse consequences of family education in family education. The most important task of family education should be to build the Great Wall of Personality of the Child.

Imagine that if a child lacks awareness of life (those who feel suicidal when they encounter frustration), have no ability to dream (do n’t know what they want to do in the future), and do n’t know how to protect themselves (a doctoral student is still a farmer (Trafficking), can not be shared with others (waisted but unhappy), then, even if this child is the first door homework exam, what can happen?

In today's society, it is parents who should change most, and it is their parents' educational concept. So, what should be the correct family education? Child educators point out that parents should help their children build a good platform for life, so that children have a good personality, know how to be a person, and the true meaning of success.

Only when parents' educational concepts have changed can our children receive good family education and benefit for life.

Children's education from childhood affects their future development. Children's education must be parents. So what should be the correct family education? Let's take a look at the eight key education guidelines for parents.

The first key: how to let children build an optimistic attitude

1. Accepting reality is the first step towards optimism

2. Cultivate an optimistic character and let the child face the misfortunes in life openly

3. Keep the child in a normal state

4, children spend a lot of energy on anxiety, they can not exert their inherent abilities

5. The sense of humor looks like a "little trick", but it is a "big skill"

The second key: let children learn to be grateful and tolerant

1. A narrow-minded person will only make a child's life painful

2. With love, you have the motivation to seek knowledge and beauty

3. Pranks will "cause trouble" and guide children to correct in time

4. Eliminate the child's cruel behavior in time

5. Know how to be grateful to grow

The third key: develop children's courage to face frustration

1. The child is vulnerable. Teach him to face up to failure.

2. Training children's willpower cannot be ignored

3. Children who are unfamiliar with frustrations are difficult to integrate into society

4.Replace inferiority with confidence

5, always blame the child for failure, the child will become "incompetent"

6. Compliment your child, but don't overdo it

Fourth key: teach children to protect themselves

1.Teach your children some safety knowledge and calmly deal with injuries

2, depending on the parents' children, will always be unavoidable

3. The child lacks the ability to deal with life, and is in danger of being devoured by life at any time.

4. Excessive protection means "harm"

5. Improve children's "immunity" and calmly face temptation

Fifth key: make children dare to dream

1.A dream is a creation

2. Don't scold your child for "dream words"

3. When the child has a dream, urge him to take one step closer to the dream

4. Rejecting the child's "why" is equivalent to cutting off his thinking wings

5. Be kind to kids

6, creative children often have a Mercedes-Benz mind

Sixth key: develop good communication skills with your child

1. Children who understand social etiquette can have good relationships

2. Children are good at talking, and they can best attract the interest and attention of others.

3. Respect for others means respect for yourself

4. If the child has the courage to admit his mistake, the mistake has been changed in half.

5. Cooperation is more important than knowledge

6. Children who know how to listen have personality charm

Seventh key: teach children to use money properly

1. The sooner a child comes into contact with and learns to use pocket money, the easier it will be to make money when he grows up

2. Correctly handle your child's New Year's money

3. Develop the habit of saving for the benefit of your child's life

4. Teach it to fish, it ’s better to teach it to fish

5. Correct the child's blind comparison

Eighth key: help children understand themselves correctly

1. Encourage children to take the initiative to interact with others and eliminate their isolation

2. Being in shyness for a long time, children are prone to inferiority.

3. If you learn to appreciate others, you will appreciate yourself

4. Let your child discover one's own advantages every day

5 、 Understanding "sacrifice" will result in "gaining"

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