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The Black Belt Must Read Code of Morality (Modern)

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1. Give others more than they expected, and work hard in actual combat.

2. Don't trust everything you hear, don't spend everything you have, don't sleep as long as you want.

我认输 ,请真心实意。 3. Whenever you say " I confess " , please be honest .

对不起 ,请看着对方的眼睛。 4. Whenever you say " I'm sorry " , please look into the other person's eyes.

5. Believe, do not know each other.

6. Never ignore the dreams of others, and release your strength affectionately and enthusiastically, maybe you will be hurt, but this is the only way to fight actual combat.

7. Settle disputes in a clear way and don't offend.

8. Never judge people by their appearance. Speak slowly, but think quickly. Don't underestimate the leucorrhea of other people, maybe he has been fading for a long time.

你为什么想知道? 9. When someone asks a question you don't want to answer, smile and say " Why do you want to know? "

10. Remember those who dare to take the greatest risks can achieve the greatest achievements and give the opponent the most heavy psychological pressure!

KO 了,千万不要忘记汲取教训。 11. If you are KO , don't forget to learn a lesson. You are not a tank, protect your head.

:尊重你自己;尊重别人;保持尊严,对自己的行为负责。 12. Remember the three " respects " : respect yourself; respect others; maintain dignity and be responsible for your actions.

13. Don't let small disputes ruin a great friendship. Whenever you find yourself doing something wrong, do everything you can to make up for it, move fast!

14. Salute the coach at any time, please smile when you bend down, because the other party can feel it!

15 , find some time, practice alone, hone your will.

16. Embrace change, but don't abandon your personal ideas, including when your coach teaches you.

17 , in the face of ridicule, remember: silence is golden.

18. Practice more boxing and watch less TV.

19. Live a noble and honest life. Maybe when you are old, think back on the past, you can enjoy life again.

20. The harmonious atmosphere under the Dao Pavilion class is invaluable. Do your best to make the Dao Pavilion smooth and harmonious.

21. When you have a dispute with your Taoist friends, try to talk about things, don't pull out those things that are rotten.

22. Don't get rid of yesterday.

23 , pay more attention to the meaning of the words, martial arts also use their brains.

24. Share your knowledge with others, that is the eternal way! Teaching skills is also perfecting yourself!

25. Be kind to our Dao Pavilion, take the pavilion as home, and cherish the people and things here.

、不要自作聪明愚弄教练,否则 得很惨! 26. Don't be a foolish coach by yourself, otherwise " death " will be miserable!

27. Concentrate on every training, and stop being half-hearted.

28. Don't believe an opponent who talks to you but doesn't ask you for advice.

29. Go to at least one pavilion you have never visited every six months to broaden your horizons and make new friends.

30. Chang Huai's heart can be thankful and rewarded. Be generous and generous, broad-minded!

31. Remember sometimes, not the best harvest is still a harvest!

、平时训练时深刻理解所有的跆拳道规则,争取在比赛的关键时候能合理利用和遵守规则。 32. Understand all the rules of Taekwondo deeply during normal training, and strive to use and abide by the rules reasonably during the critical period of the game.

、记住:打实战中最好的关系存在于对别人的爱胜于对别人的索求之上。 33. Remember: The best relationship in real combat lies in the love of others rather than the demands of others. Taking seriously every actual combat is respect for martial arts, respect for opponents, and also for yourself!

34. Look back at what you vowed to achieve, and then judge how successful you are.

35. Both Taekwondo and life are treated with a 100% responsible attitude, but do not expect too much in return!

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