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12 reasons why children's academic performance is poor

Updated: 2014-10-25 13:49:16 Clicks: 8873 times

Children have poor grades, parents are very confused, their children are very hard at school, and they are not as stupid as other children. Why is it not as good as others? Professor Zou Huailiang, a well-known education expert, said: Many students feel struggling to study and their results are not satisfactory. In the final analysis, there is a problem with the learning method. The knowledge system of each course is fixed. Each question has a standard answer. The standard answer is nothing more than those fixed methods. All roads lead to Rome. The simplest way to get the correct result is this. The biggest trick to successful learning.

1. The method is wrong. I usually only do the questions or play, not thinking about the true and root of the questions. I hope that students will try their best to think, solve multiple questions, pay attention to variant training, strengthen computing and analysis.

2. Not interested. Children only care about surfing the Internet during the holidays, rarely read and study, have no interest in learning, only play mentality. It is more important to develop interest in learning.

3. Do not listen during class. Class time is very short, only 45 minutes. Teachers are still busy with discipline, delaying some time and sacrificing some students' precious time. Improving classroom efficiency is the key to improving academic performance.

4. Consolidation is not strong. Every day for new lectures, you need to pay attention to listening. After the lesson, you have to do exercises to consolidate the new knowledge you have learned, so that you can bypass the class and apply what you have learned.

5. Review without focus. Every course and every knowledge point of junior high school is summarized and summarized into typical questions, easy-to-test questions, difficult questions, and the simplest method for each type of problem, so that students can check the questions and enter the seat, automatically apply the solution Model, easy to figure out the correct answer in a few simple steps.

6, serious plagiarism. The homework is usually reserved for the knowledge points that were talked about on the day. Students should complete it independently. Some students don't use their brains to copy other people's ready-made answers. This saves time and effort, takes a long time, and the grades drop.

7, psychological pressure is too great. This comes from parents. Many parents add their strong desires to their children. They have not realized their ideals, and have caused strong psychological pressure on their children. Although they work harder than before, they have not made breakthroughs in their achievements and are becoming more and more unable to learn.

8. The teacher's analysis is not thorough. Some subject teachers are not thorough in explaining and analyzing, which results in the children's strenuous learning. It takes a lot of effort after class and cannot keep up with the class.

9. Change your mind. Adolescent children often cannot control themselves, and some students' minds turn to the opposite sex, and their grades decline in the fantasy void world.

10. Lack of learning initiative. The level of student performance mainly depends on the child's autonomous learning level. As long as he likes autonomous learning, his grades will definitely be high.

11. The irony of the teacher. Teachers criticize education as a lubricant for children's growth. However, if the teacher criticizes the lawlessness and ridicule, the children will lose their interest and motivation in learning. Teachers need to treat students with kindness, find their shining points, encouragement and praise are the inexhaustible motive force for students to move forward.

12. Not discussed after class. I don't want to talk about study after school. In fact, after class, students should gather together to discuss and exchange learning experiences, learn from each other, learn from each other, and stick to it. The grades will definitely improve.

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