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When children come to the gym, parents should make a promise

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When a child comes to a training center, the training center not only has corresponding requirements for the children, but also puts forward certain requirements for the parents. Such cooperation can greatly improve the child's progress.

Parent Commitment 1: Excellent Attendance

Please ensure that your child participates in training on time. If children are often absent, they will feel discouraged. If your child is unable to attend for any reason, please call in advance so that we can make arrangements in advance to avoid being upset and worried about your child not coming.

Parent Commitment 2: Comply with applicable regulations

Don't run up to educate your child while participating in training, and don't interfere with the coach's class. Be patient with your child, allow mistakes, accept your child's weaknesses, and learn to control your emotions. If the coach needs help please assist them.

Parent Commitment 3: Keep an eye on your child's progress

Your child wants to make you proud of them. If you are particularly concerned about your child, you can contact us at any time. We will exchange as much information about your child as possible with you, which will help you understand our training content in time and increase the content of parent-child communication.

Parent Commitment 4: Praise and Encouragement

Progress is very important for your child. Encourage your child as he or she progresses. Don't blame your children too much. Think of praise and encouragement as an important part of building confidence in your children.

Parent Commitment 5: Don't Compare

Don't keep comparing with other children. Every child's growth and development are different, so understand the child, accept the child, and constantly encourage them to discover their advantages.

Parent Commitment 6: Watch carefully and let it go

Always pay attention to your child's changes. Believe that the coach's guidance ability, let him train and exercise with other children, will improve faster. Children must encounter many challenges and frustrations, but parents should let the children try.

Parent Commitment 7: Communicate more with your child after returning home

The child's growth can not be separated from the parent's care and concern, and communicate more with the child to see what the child has learned today, where to do well, and where to improve. Let your child learn to summarize and share.

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