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The Positive Meaning of Taekwondo Competition for Teenagers

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The core of martial arts is combat. The martial arts that left combat combat is not martial arts, but "dance." It is no different from other sports or fitness sports. Taekwondo is also one of the martial arts events.

In combat combat, because each trainer is required to condense all the energy in the body and make it flow freely, the central nervous system of the brain is highly concentrated, and the coordinated operation of the endocrine and respiratory system, muscles, joints, and the expansion of capillaries and blood are adjusted. And telescopic. Therefore, the martial arts practitioners have a strong body and a sunny, confident mental outlook. Not only that, in the highly intense fighting confrontation, athletes are required to calmly and calmly analyze their opponents, to formulate offensive and defensive strategies to defeat the enemy in a short period of time, and to fight stubbornly when they meet strong players; not to be proud when they gain an advantage Not impatient; in the disadvantage of being exhausted to exhausted, he can clenched his teeth to overcome the physical limit and persist to the last moment.

This is why the martial arts movement can cultivate people's agile thinking and insight, calm, courage, courage, strong, positive, patience, persistence and other good qualities. This is the biggest difference between martial arts sports and other sports.

Every teenager and child show great differences due to their own physical conditions, temperament, and personality in combat training: some students are very reckless and kick as soon as they enter the field; some have a slight advantage and are proud and careless; there are Some of them are afraid to attack; some are passive; some are easy to give up and so on. The coach will correct the wrong habits according to the performance of the trainees in the training and competition, so long-term martial arts training can improve the personality of young children.

Just as the purpose of the World Martial Arts Alliance is "to form a perfect personality by virtue of cultivation".

Many parents are afraid to let their children participate in the competition because they worry that their children will be injured. In fact, in all martial arts competitions, Taekwondo is basically the safest:

First, there are perfect protection measures;

Second, it restricts the use of dangerous technologies and attacks on weak areas;

Third, the athletes are divided scientifically and reasonably by age and weight. If there is a disparity in strength due to the level, the referee and the coach on the field will also terminate the game in time;

Fourth, there are professional rehabilitation medical doctors on site to deal with some minor injuries.

In summary, is it a pity if parents are worried that their children will lose a chance to show themselves and improve their personality with a minor injury? Moreover, we have no reason not to believe and encourage their children to be healthy and promising On the road.

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