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Several issues that coaches and athletes should pay attention to in Taekwondo technical training

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1. Grasp the relationship between learning and innovation. Learning is to improve, and to learn humbly the advanced techniques and training methods and methods that are common to foreign Taekwondo. At the same time, you must not follow your eyes and be superstitious. On the basis of humbly learning, you should promote self-reliance and self-innovation. Only in this way can we surpass the world-class level and make our Taekwondo project win glory for our country.

2. In view of the status and role of basic technology in Taekwondo, coaches and athletes should recognize that basic technology is the main scoring method of Taekwondo competitions and the soul of technology. The speed, strength, accuracy, and striking of basic technology must be used in training. To further improve the effects and technical details, we must complete the transition to formal technology, and the creation of innovation, self-style and characteristics must be carried out on a solid basis. Don't blindly pursue high difficulties, only in this way can we go less detour. The world level is no different. It was also obtained through years of arduous training. It is the so-called "freezing three feet, not a day's cold."

3. Training methods and training methods must focus on two main points. That is, basic technology is the foundation and actual combat ability is the core. Only by firmly grasping the core of actual combat can we timely grasp the direction of training, adjust the goals of each stage of training, and apply the actual technology obtained in training to actual combat and obtain victory.

4. Coaches and athletes must have a deep understanding of competition rules and scoring concepts. To fully understand the rules and use rules, technical training must be carried out in close connection with the three elements of technical scores. All technical training of athletes should be planned, arranged, organized, implemented and improved around the "score" center.

5. Coaches and athletes should be proficient in all parts of the technology system, and should not be biased. Coaches should guide the athletes to develop some of these technologies in the high-level training in the future on the premise of fully understanding the full connotation of the Taekwondo technical system and the interrelationships and roles between its various parts, and form their own unique technical style.

6. To analyze the elements of technology itself, we should pay attention to speed over strength, offense over defense, accuracy over leg count, and grasp the key links of technical training.

7. The overall strength of the athlete is manifested in many aspects, such as the connection of technology and technology, strict and precise grasp of fighters such as offense and defensive counterattack, appropriate psychological tension, and the use of the limits of rules and referee standards to implement their own technical tactics. Wait, these intangible competition experience and competition ability need to be improved, improved and improved through years of training and multiple competitions. In the years of training, there should be a planned and systematic development of athletes' ability and competitive skill level, Guide athletes to the highest level of competition.

8. Coaches and athletes need to understand and study the athlete injury rules of the Taekwondo event, be good at finding problems, and actively explore ways to solve problems to reduce the incidence of injury accidents. At the same time, it is also necessary to actively practice and explore the method of recovering as soon as possible after training, so that athletes can appear energetic in each training after a quick and effective recovery. All these are important factors to ensure the improvement of technical level, and can create various favorable conditions for improving the performance of Taekwondo.

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