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What is Taekwondo Spirit? Education necessary for children to grow up!

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Etiquette (Etiquette Education): In fact, etiquette is the most important part of our Taekwondo spirit. We must salute the flag, salute the coach, and salute the students in our class, but the most important thing is to salute the parents. China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. For the past five thousand years, the Chinese people have followed the culture of filial piety, which is our etiquette education commonly known as Taekwondo. Etiquette includes gratitude and filial piety. In fact, filial piety is a way of gratitude, thank parents, relatives, and everyone who has helped us. Liyi will accompany our children throughout their lives. If our children have always been polite, I believe his social skills will also be very strong. All the parents and moms here must have heard a lot of social etiquette training outside. If our children understand politeness and will be grateful, I believe that our children's career will also be very successful.

Integrity : Integrity is about letting our children have a sense of self-knowledge and shame. If our children are able to confess their mistakes after they make mistakes, do you like them? Respect others in order to win their respect, right? Let our children be excellent people who respect others and dare to take responsibility! Honesty is to let children know how to respect others and have the ability to judge right and wrong. A child who has made a mistake and voluntarily acknowledges that it is a good child.

Patience : Patience is a manifestation of willpower. If our children do not have strong willpower and cannot persist in doing something, then they will go to society in the future, enter a job or create their own career. Do you think our children can succeed? Patience is to cultivate the willpower of our children. If we can say that our children can do everything and persist in the end, I also believe that our children can achieve a brilliant career in the future. For example, in our Taekwondo training, a small movement, just press the leg. There is no technical difficulty in pressing the leg. The only difficulty for children is persistence. The difficulty in pressing the leg is the pain caused by the action. If you can't persist, it will be difficult to get better technical training in future training. Patience will also make our children more psychologically strong.

Self-denial : If your child sees a good-looking toy in the mall, a kind of child relies on his parents to buy this toy, and there are already many toys in the home. There is no need to buy this again. Another kind of child also likes and wants this toy very much, but when he thinks that there are already many such toys at home, he tells his father and mother: Mom, there are already such toys at home, so don't buy them. Which two children do you prefer? In fact, self-denial in the spirit of Taekwondo is to let children learn to overcome their impulses and improve their ability to control their desires through training, and those who can overcome desire are the greatest people.

Perseverance : Perseverance is the courage to overcome difficulties and setbacks, not to bow down to difficulties, improve the ability to reverse the quotient (AQ) and overcome obstacles. Our children will definitely experience a lot of setbacks and difficulties from graduating from early childhood to college and even into society. Let our children be able to withstand a variety of setbacks, whether they are studying, living, or working in the future. They can exercise their ability to overcome setbacks. If our child has the ability to overcome 100 kinds of setbacks, are we not afraid that he will not succeed? If our child has this ability, are we still afraid that he cannot do great things? Perseverance is to give children the determination and ability to overcome difficulties!

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