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The Connotation of Tai Chi's Three Chapters

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The three chapters of Tai Chi represent "li" (fire), which is the difference between man and animal, because man can use fire, and ignition can give people light, warmth, heat and hope. Be changeable and enthusiastic when doing actions. (Li Ye! On behalf of light and hope)

New actions in Chapter 4 of Tai Chi include one-handed knife neck attack and one-handed knife block. The new stance is three or seven steps. The technical feature is two straight straight punches and then quickly block the opponent's attack. Taekwondo Level 6 Compulsory Compulsory.

Note: The distance between the front toe and the rear heel is three feet in three or seven steps. When the one-handed knife is blocked outside, the blocked hand knife is blocked from the hip joint through the shoulder. At the beginning of the one-handed knife neck attack, the auxiliary arm relaxes and straightens, reaching the height of the chest. After the front kick, the two straight punches should be performed simultaneously.

The course of the three chapters of Tai Chi finally formed a "king" character, starting from the starting point and finally returning to the starting point, a total of 20 actions.

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