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Tai Chi Chapter Two Connotation

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欢悦 (兑)的一套动作,代表着沼泽。 The second chapter of Taiji is a set of actions that expresses joyfulness ” in the gossip , representing the swamp. The action must be gentle and powerful, so there is rigidity in the softness, rigidity in the rigidity, and rigidity and softness. (Yue also! On behalf of outer soft and inner rigid)

New actions in Chapter Two of Tai Chi include upright punches and forward kicks. The purpose of practicing Tai Chi Chapter 2 is to further improve the coordination of the body, especially the strict requirements on the fluctuation of the body center. Taekwondo Level 7 Compulsory Compulsory.

Note: The front kick and the straight punch must be completed synchronously. When the middle inner block is left and right, the front foot is pivoted.

The path of Tai Chi Chapter 2 finally formed a "king" character, starting from the starting point and finally returning to the starting point, a total of 18 actions.

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