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Tai Chi Chapter Connotation

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Tai Chi's set of actions is the use of "gan" (sky) in gossip. "Gan" is the first gossip of gossip. There will be light and rain in the sky-both of which are the beginning of nature, necessary for growth and continuation. Hexagrams of gossip symbolically represent all phenomena of man, nature and the universe. (Jian Ye! Represents the origin and beginning of all things)

The Tai Chi chapter is characterized by standing posture and simple walking. The action consists of basic block, bottom block, upper block, straight punch, and forward kick. It is a compulsory level of taekwondo level 8.

左右移动或转身时以前脚掌为轴,上格挡前踢与直拳要同步完成,弓步移动的路线是直线。 Note: When moving to the left or right or turning, the front foot is the axis. The front kick and the straight punch must be synchronized to complete the block movement. The line of the lunge movement is straight.

The Tai Chi chapter's progress line finally formed a "king" character, starting from the starting point and finally returning to the starting point for a total of 18 actions.

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