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Tang County Branch

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Guowei Tang County Pavilion

The Guowei Taekwondo Tangxian Pavilion was established in May 2011. While ensuring high-level teaching quality, the hardware facilities are also being perfected. The training venues have evolved from the original East Ring Pavilion to the two Guangming Pavilions opposite the county government today, all equipped with independent dressing rooms, bathrooms, parent rest areas, and full air-conditioning facilities. Each venue is more than 300 square meters. The teaching philosophy of "educate for the health of children, educate for children's ability" does not flatter the public, let the true ability and performance prove our teaching level; in the provincial and municipal competitions for three years (2012, 2013 , 2014) Chong Tang children ’s best scores in Taekwondo and nunchucks.

Address: Dongfeng West Road, Baoding

West of Magnolia Square

Phone: 13903128036