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Xiulan Branch

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About Guowei Xiulan Taekwondo

Guowei Taekwondo Showland Pavilion was built in 2002 and has a history of 12 years. It has trained thousands of trainees, of which more than 50 have successfully obtained a diploma from the Korea International Academy. Our spacious and bright training hall is now equipped with dressing rooms, bathrooms, parent rest areas, full air-conditioning, heating, and has won 50 medals in national and provincial competitions. Municipal competition medals are difficult to count.

Supervising coach Ma Lin has the qualification of a national first-class coach, and at the same time serves as a promotion examiner of the Chinese Taekwondo Association.

We sincerely welcome you to visit our library, try out lessons or call us for consultation.

Consulting Tel: 13613228680 (Coach Ma)

13191661233 (Teacher Xie)

13032009056 (Teacher Tian)

Address: Dongfeng West Road, Baoding

West of Magnolia Square

Phone: 13903128036