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The Guowei Taekwondo Gymnasium was officially opened for classes in 2002. It is the earliest gymnasium in Baoding that may be available for training. For more than ten years, it has sent a large number of outstanding talents such as athletes, coaches, etc. to society, schools, and clubs. He was praised and praised by the superior leaders. We uphold the spirit of concentration and professionalism, and teach students with the spirit of taekwondo etiquette, honesty, shame, endurance and perseverance, and strive to give each student who comes here a complete and healthy body and mind. We look forward to your arrival.

Kong Sheng2014-9-11 10:21:48

Address: Backyard of Sports Kindergarten, Tianwei Middle Road, Baoding (opposite the north gate of the zoo) Phone: 13012057518

Address: Dongfeng West Road, Baoding

West of Magnolia Square

Phone: 13903128036